Benewah County Sheriff

701 College Avenue St. Maries, ID 83861 (208) 245-2555


boatThe Benewah County Sheriff Marine Unit is responsible for keeping the peace on all lakes, rivers and other waters within the county. Activities include patrols, safety, emergency response, and boater education.

The marine unit is staffed by two part-time deputies who utilize patrol boats stationed in St. Maries and at Rocky Point. Patrols are conducted on the St. Joe River, the St. Maries River, Benewah Lake, Round Lake, Lake Hepton, Chatcolet, Hidden Bay and the southernmost portion of Coeur d’Alene Lake.

Safe and enjoyable boating for our community is our primary goal. To achieve this we provide complementary safety inspections; provide boating safety education at community events, local schools and classes throughout the year. We also contact violators on the water and take appropriate actions as necessary. The deputies are specially trained in boat handling; small craft fire suppression, marine laws, BUI investigation, boating accident investigation and water rescues.
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