Benewah County Sheriff

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The Benewah County Sheriff’s Civil Division’s primary function is to assist the public and state entities in serving civil and court documents to people regarding civil and criminal actions brought against them. This includes a close working relationship with the deputies assigned to serve paperwork to make sure every effort is made to ensure proper service. Services include summons and complaints, civil protection orders, garnishments, subpoenas, all paperwork generated by Health and Welfare, juvenile summons, small claims, 3-day eviction notices, summons for evictions, notices of hearings and writs of executions.

This division is happy to assist anyone with procedural questions regarding any of the civil paper process. Our staff strives to be informative, professional and courteous to the general public as well as other agencies seeking our services.

The Civil Division is also responsible for executing writs for seizing of real and personal property, conducting Sheriff sales when directed by a plaintiff under a writ of execution and collecting delinquent personal property taxes under warrants of distraint per Idaho Code 63-1012 and 63-1106.

You may contact or Civil Department by calling (208) 245-2555 or emailing
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